Product Bulletin
Remote Temperature Sensor

The TE10 remote temperature sensors are primarily used to transmit the measured air temperature in ducts or in immersion wells to ET10, ET40, ET50, NT800, NT900, TC24...controllers which requires long-distance temperature sensing.


TE10-1 (Sensor bulb)
TE10-2 (Duct mount)
TE10-3 (Wall mount)

Product Bulletin
Water Flow Switch

WFS Series flow controller is used as an operating control device and where an operating control device failure would result in personal injury and/or loss of property, it is the responsibility of the user to add safety devices that protect against control device failure.


Pressure rating:         10 bar (1,000 kPa)
Connection:               1” BSP
Fluid temp.:                1...100 oC
Working life:               500,000 times
Switches:                   SPDT, snap action
Voltage and rating:    250 VAC, 15(7.5) A, 50/60 Hz
Protection:                  IP 53
Weight:                      0.7 kg

Product Bulletin

The ST5724-40 Step-down transformers are designed for use on controllers, motor actuators and miscellaneous low-voltage control circuits. These transformers provide rated secondary output at rated


Ambient Limits:                -40...50 oC
Primary Voltage:              220 V 50/60 Hz
Secondary Voltage:         24 V 50/60 Hz , 40 VA
Wire Leads :                    Red = Primary, Black = Secondary
Shipping Weight              1.2 kg