About Us

Cyrus was founded to respond to the growing demand for versatile and cost-effective building automation equipment. Drawing from a blend of experience in control technology and microcomputer, Cyrus designs, manufactures and tests products which offer both value and performance. The products and services provide solutions to customers for building management and automation systems such as HVAC controls, video surveillance and access control system.

Cyrus has been constantly working to the highest standards of quality assurance in research, product development, production and marketing. The products encompass its own products as well as products from world leading manufacturers, which are designed and manufactured in compliance with recognized standard and quality scheme.
A key to success of Cyrus is its ability to customize the products to match various customer requirements. The company aims to create and maintain a long-term relationship with its customers by providing quality products and services. At Cyrus, we are dedicated to provide each customer with cost-effective control solutions. Our sales employees are experienced in Building Automation Industry, product-oriented and backed by excellent technical support and logistic divisions.